Supported Measures


Supported Programs and Features

The following list illustrates the many types or conservation programs already supported by ConserveTrack ‘out of the box’. New types of conservation measures can be added as needed.

  • Rebates, Direct Installs, Voucher programs
  • Giveaways, Counter Free Devices, Fair Free Devices
  • Multi Device Type Rebate programs
  • Quick-Rebate Multi Device Programs
  • With or without restricted qualified Models lists.

Types of Devices:

  • Toilets, Urinals, Clothes Washers, Toilet Parts
  • Flushometers, Flapper Valves, Leak Kits, Dye Tabs
  • Showerheads, faucet aerators, pool covers, Shower Timer
  • Hose bibs, Hose Nozzles,
  • Laundry to Landscape, Rain Barrels, Cisterns, Compost, Flow Sensor
  • Hot water recirculation pumps,
  • Treebates with optional maintenance and related materials

Types of Devices:

  • Irrigation System Components including Smart Controllers, Nozzles and Spray Heads, Weather Based Irrigation Controllers
  • Cooling Tower Controllers, Maintenance and Upgrades
  • Water Brooms, Food Steamers, Commercial Dishwasher
  • Vacuum Pump, Pressure Regulator, Restaurant Table Signs
  • X-Ray Processor Recycler, Pre-Rinse Spray Valves
  • Swamp cooler thermostat
  • And many more…

Conservation Classes and Workshops

  • Provide customers with automated scheduling via the Portal
  • Schedule and manage Class Attendees
  • Send automated reminder emails

Precisely Targeted Outreach

  • Find high value accounts
  • Based on top water usage and/or other parameters
  • Targeting filters include property type, service types, zip codes, and many others
  • Launch Targeted Campaigns by sending letters, emails inviting customers to the Customer Portal
  • Track response rates and new Applications
  • Automate responses in bulk or one by one

Site Checkups

  • Irrigation Checkups
  • Commercial Site Consultations
  • Phone Consultations

Watering Restriction Enforcement

  • With Patrols or AMI detection
  • Include photos or videos of violations
  • Various processes including Warning, Fines, Shut-off legal processes
  • Legal notices generated by ConserveTrack
  • Grace periods timed and alerted by ConserveTrack

Turf Removal or Replacement

  • Many types of implementations depending on the ordinance
  • Configurable rebate amounts based on Turf type, location, other characteristics
  • Cash for Grass programs
  • Level of rebate auto-calculated by ConserveTrack based on ordinance parameters
  • Replacement by qualified Plant (Database of qualified plants with water usage values)
  • Xeriscape methods with point system available
  • Turf Replacement with Synthetic Grass
AMI Meter Installation Process Management
  • Implement the legal processes required for AMI meter installation
  • Including legal notices, warnings, fines, shut-offs

Water Waste Enforcement

  • Inside and Outside
  • Irrigation waste documentation and resolution process
  • Track each stage of the resolution
  • Warnings, Timed response, Fines
  • Exemptions for new construction, pools, new turf, others.
  • Water Shut-off legal process management

Leak Mitigation Processing

  • Water loss prevention
  • Leak Repair Process tracking
  • Customer interactions via Portal
  • Leak repair confirmation
  • Leak Water Loss Estimation

Evaluation (Audit) Programs

  • Single Family, Muti Family, Commercial, Municipal, Large Landscape,
  • Detailed evaluation of water usage
  • Recommendations to the account holder

Irrigation System Checkups and Audits

  • Detailed or Simple
  • Very high water savings results
  • Detailed zone by zone audits with issue reporting and recommendations

Grant Tracking

  • Track Grants for community gardens and others
  • Track grant amounts schedule
  • Track details by grant type

Water Neutrality

  • Similar to Water Demand offset
  • Detailed tracking of new projects’ water demand and assigning particular retrofits to new water offsets

Graywater Programs

  • Laundry to Landscape
  • Gray Water Re-use Kits

Appointment Scheduling

  • Calendar display
  • Filter by program, zip code, user etc.

Water Budgets and Rationing

  • Water loss prevention
  • Leak Repair Process tracking
  • Customer interactions via Portal
  • Leak repair confirmation
  • Leak Water Loss Estimation

Retrofit on Sale / New Account

  • Track property sales
  • Enforce efficient fixture installation before closing
  • Issue warnings, fines.
  • Block closings if necessary

Compliance Programs

  • New Construction irrigation compliance
  • New Construction plumbing and fixture compliance
  • Tracking and Approval

Low Income Programs

  • Low Income Outreach

Commercial Compliance Programs

  • Credits for water use reduction
  • Commercial Building Surveys
  • Commercial Equipment Rebates

General Customer Contacts

  • Track general contacts
  • Link information to the account for future reference
  • Track staff time usage for future planning and reporting

Water Demand Offset

  • Maintain a bank of Saved Water
  • Assign save water to new construction permits with fees based on new water usage
  • New construction pays for
  • Calculate new water usage based on new construction parameters

Large Properties - Direct Installs

  • Pre-Evaluation of large property plumbing and fixtures
  • Planning and approval of large rebates for hundreds of toilets, urinals, etc.
  • Follow-up Visits and Inspections
  • Multi year rebates depending on actual water savings